Pencil YOU into your day!

Our Mission

Delivering Self-Care and Wellness
One Box At a Time.

The Pinnedbox Story

Founded in 2020 by Taylor Lewis, Pinnedbox is a lifestyle membership that is best known for its flagship product, the Pinnedbox Box. The Pinnedbox box includes a selection of curated ingredients and tools to assist the busy woman with carving out a few moments to her self every month by creating her own self-care products– delivered each month. 

The stresses of everyday live continue to pile on and we just keep pushing through it! With Pinnedbox you can schedule “me-time” into your calendar knowing your getting a box each month that will allow you to create your own face wash, scrubs, bath bombs, candles, and more! The recipes that are chosen are meant to assist you to incorporate more “me-time” into your schedule without feeling guilty. You also get the added benefit of being more productive and effective in your everyday life by taking a moment for your self and recharging!

Meet The Founder

Taylor Lewis


Pinnedbox Box

Every month. Pinnedbox members receive a selection of curated ingredients and supplies to create fun and relaxing skin care and home projects! Basically if it can go in your bathroom or be in a self-care regime it will probably be in the box. Time to pencil  you into your day. 

The Membership

Order your Box

Order your box to make your own scrubs, cleansers, soaps, and candles curated from amazing Pinterest Pins. 

Receive It

Get excited every month to have some “me-time” and create something incredibly fun and “pin-worthy”! 

Join the Party

We host live virtual events each month for every member to craft the Pin or three of the month!

Start Crafting

Start creating your own self-care products whether that’s for your body or your home!